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AirScrape – Effective and uniquely efficient

AirScrape is a side sealing system for belt conveyors that floats above the conveyor belt without touching it. Due to the unique arrangement of the obliquely mounted and hardened lamellas, air is directed from outside towards the centre of the belt, thus creating an air suction. The material movement and the running belt support and reinforce this suction effect in such a way that fine dust particles are kept in the conveying area. In addition, coarse material that pushes outwards is directed back towards the centre of the belt by the slats, thus considerably reducing spillage.

The AirScrape thus has a triple positive effect. It considerably reduces spillage and dust formation at transfer points and other critical areas in the conveyor chain. In addition, there is no contact with the belt, which considerably extends the belt's service life.

Comparison between AirScrape and conventional side sealing

The photo shows the situation at a transfer point before and after retrofitting with the AirScrape®. In direct comparison, the effect of the AirScrape® is clearly visible. Dust formation and spillage are no longer present.