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Conveyor belts

Whether rubber conveyor belt or plastic belt - for general to highly demanding applications, we are sure to have the right belt for you!


Conveyor belts are used in a wide range of applications in the mining and processing industries, in mobile and stationary plants, for transporting bulk or lumpy materials, including minerals, sand, slag, ore, chemicals, coke, grain, building materials and much more.



  • Stone, gravel industry
  • Mineral processing
  • Cement industry
  • Chemical industry and fertilisers
  • Grain and sugar industry
  • Processing plants
  • Packaging industry
  • Agriculture
  • Paper and wood industry
  • Power and heating plants
  • Recycling industry
  • Steel industry
  • Surface mining and hard rock mining



Our product range includes:


  • Conveyor belts with steel cord inserts
  • Conveyor belts with textile inserts
  • Conveyor belts made of plastic
  • Heat resistant conveyor belts
  • Oil resistant conveyor belts
  • Steep belt conveyors
  • Corrugated belts
  • Hotcleat conveyor belts
  • Autostable conveyor belt with active centring
  • Flexopipe


Repair system for conveyor belts and rubber wear protection


WANGGO Technik has a unique repair system for conveyor belts and rubber wear protection in its range. Damage to rubber conveyor belts and wear protection coatings can be repaired with this 2-component repair compound.

The advantages:

  • Tooling requirements are low
  • fast reaction time, clean processing, shortest curing time
  • minimum downtime of your equipment
  • Handling also suitable for inexperienced users
  • Can also be used in hard-to-reach positions
  • Adapts optimally to rubber properties
  • resealable cartridge
  • no detachment at the deflection or through the belt cleaning system
  • after a short curing time, the repair area can be ground flat with the belt surface
  • good adhesion to almost all materials (tell us the rubber quality of the conveyor belt so we can give you advice on good adhesion)

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From conveyor belts, idlers, wear protection and work protection to special spare parts for your system, we always offer the best solution. Whether in mining or the food industry, our competent specialist service will advise you and find individual solutions together with you.