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Crusher belts

The toughest demands, extrem conditions of use and long-lasting durability in series. The RESISTANT fabric belt from WANGGO.

Endless conveyor belts for crushers are in use around the world without a break. What counts for their operation are quality, precision, durability and fast availability.

These are exactly the features that can be found in the special RESISTANT fabric belt form WANGGO. Its structure ensures maximum resistance with a low weight. The Resistant fabric protects the belt against incipient tears and tear growth. Its surface makes it particularly scraperfriendly. The diagonal endless join is very strong and sturdy. The vulcanisation of the join using a combination of pressure. temperature and time is controlled, analysed and monitored to ISO standards using innovative IT technology. The precision-manufactured and inspected endless belts can also be printed and marked with individual information before their dispatch.


Anywhere in Europe in next to no time

Thanks to the very latest production technology, a belt can be ready for dispatch only 5 hours after it has been ordered. IN this way, WANGGO is able to produce more than 2000 RESISTANT conveyor belts each year. These high-performance belts reach their destinations quickly thoughout Europe.





Advantages of the RESISTANT fabric belt:

  • Our unique OEM continuous production serves as a technological showpiece in Europe
  • Optimised heating and cooling times through a central supply to the vulcanising presses
  • Incomparable precision in the endless join
  • Quality inspection and ISO-monitored continuous production to the highest standards
  • Available in a smooth or Chevron design
  • Ready for dispatch or collection within 5 hours of the order being placed


The fast alternative to a high-quality endless join

If one of WANGGO’s high-quality belts should nevertheless become damaged at any time, WANGGO Fast Connection is the quick and professional contingency solution. Damaged conveyor belts can be joined up again and put back into operation directly on site with the WANGGO Fast Connection connecting system. Downtimes until the new conveyor belt is delivered can be reduced to almost zero thanks to the Fast Connection system.

Resistant fabric belts and the Fast Connection-connecting system from WANGGO combine quality, precision, durability and fast availability in a unique way. They increase the efficiency of crushers, spare materials, save costs, cut downtimes and keep our future in motion.

Advantages of the combination of WANGGO RESISTANT fabric belts and Fast Connection:

  • Long service life
  • Fast delivery thanks to central location and a large warehouse
  • Modern machinery for best quality
  • Hardly any machine downtimes
  • One contact person for everything related to conveyor belts

Fast Connection

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