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Cast basalt ABRESIST

Basalt is a volcanic rock with a high density and uniform mineral structure. Its hardness makes it the perfect raw material for the mineral wear protection products that are used worldwide under the brand name ABRESIST. ABRESIST cast basalt reliably protects plant components such as scale chutes, marl funnels or coke bunkers in the iron and steel industry or pipelines, e.g. fly ash pipes in thermal power plants, against frictional wear.


  • Very hard and smooth surface for good flow properties
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be used in chemically demanding environments
  • Food safe (FDA approved)
  • Application temperature max. 350 °C
  • Cylinder inside diameter from 40 - 525 mm

Zircon corundum KALCOR

Zircon corundum wear protection with high temperature and abrasion resistance

The cast ceramic material KALCOR has proven itself in the lining of plant components in which high temperatures and temperature changes occur in addition to extreme wear stress, e.g. in chutes for hot sinter or clinker, in hot gas pipes or in dust removal cyclones and separators.


  • Very hard and wear resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be used in chemically demanding environments
  • Application temperature max. 1200 °C
  • Thin wall thicknesses with cylinders from 12 mm
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Wide range of geometries
  • Cylinders in diameters from 50 - 500 mm
  • Asymmetrical cross-sections possible for pipe bends

Aluminium oxide ceramics KALOCER

Ceramic wear protection for plant components with extreme wear and temperature stresses

The material oxide ceramic KALOCER made of more than 90 % aluminium oxide is produced as plates, fittings and cylinders. KALOCER is ideal for system parts with extreme frictional wear. Linings with material thicknesses from 1.5 mm thus also open up use under confined conditions. KALOCER is particularly suitable for lining separators, bunkers, chutes, belt transfers, concrete mixers or cyclones in all industries. With KALIMPACT as a hard-substance rubber composite, high impact resistance is also provided.

Characteristics: KALIMPACT

  • High abrasion resistance and smooth surfaces
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be used in chemically demanding environments
  • Food safe
  • As a hard rubber composite KALIMPACT also offers high impact resistance
  • Easy adaptation to geometrically difficult surfaces
  • Application temperature max.1200 °C (depending on assembly conditions)
  • Thin wall thicknesses from 1.5 mm
  • Weight-saving solution

Hard compound KALCRET

Trowelable, sprayable or castable hard compound for plant components and pipe systems

The hard compound KALCRET combines excellent wear protection properties with easy handling. Mineral hard materials serve as the basis. The special advantage of all compounds is their flexibility in practice. Large areas are coated quickly and safely, so that plant availability is restored in a short time. 

KALCRET is suitable for lining plant components and pipe systems, in power plants, in the steel and cement industries and in waste incineration plants. Examples include pipe bends of pulverised coal lines, swirlers for dedusting blast furnace gases in steel plants, wind boxes and classifier linings in cement grinding.


  • Filler, pourable, and sprayable wear protection for jointless linings.
  • Large-area and jointless lining
  • Simple lining of geometrically difficult surfaces
  • Variable layer thickness
  • Application temperature max. 1200 °C
  • Load-bearing capacity after 24 hours
  • Very well combinable with all other materials
  • Simple repairs possible

Applying KALCRET

Options for applying KALCRET:

  • Filling
  • Pouring
  • Spraying

Hard ceramic KALCERAM

Abrasion-resistant sliding promotion with high friction wear resistance

KALCERAM is an abrasion-resistant hard ceramic with good sliding properties. KALCERAM is the most economical material for lining plant components which, in addition to protection against frictional wear, require good sliding properties at higher temperatures. The material is particularly suitable for lining coal bunkers, chutes and flumes in coking plants, chutes of bag loading plants in cement works, as well as cyclones, separators and classifiers.


  • Good sliding properties and friction wear resistance.
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Slabs or bricks cut to size

Wear protection KALMETALL

Hard overlay welding for high impact and wear resistance

KALMETALL is a metallic material produced by applying a hard overlay weld to sheet steel. As a manufacturer, we can specifically control the properties of the hard overlay welding by changing the filler metals and adjust them precisely to the needs of the application. The sheets produced by Kalenborn are characterised by excellent wear and impact resistance. As a rubber composite KALIMPACT a high reduction of noise and vibration is possible. These properties open up a wide range of applications for KALMETALL in numerous industrial plants.

Typical applications are: Screw conveyors, fan housings, cyclones and separators, mixer linings, piping components, screens, troughs and conveying troughs.

Characteristics: KALIMPACT

  • High wear and impact resistance
  • Standard thickness of base material from 5 mm
  • Thickness of build-up welding 3 - 18 mm
  • Application temperature max. 750 °C
  • Wear and impact resistance as well as temperature resistance
  • Selectable depending on the alloy
  • Complete lining systems of hardfaced sheets for existing steel constructions
  • Self-supporting constructions with hard overlay welding
  • Components ready to be installed according to customer requirements
  • Combinations of ceramic and metallic materials for wear-resistant design with high economic efficiency
  • As rubber composite KALIMPACT additionally reduces noise and vibrations


Hard rubber compound for heavy impact and friction wear

KALIMPACT as a hard rubber composite is used in particular when high impact loads occur in combination with strong abrasion. The wear protection is vulcanised in rubber.

KALIMPACT consists of either the fusion base ABRESIST, the oxide ceramic KALOCER or the hardfacing KALMETALL, depending on the requirements for friction wear and impact resistance in the composite system.

Standard sizes or elements adapted to the previous fastening systems, everything is feasible. In this way, the KALIMPACT system is designed to suit the respective application, thus providing the best cost/benefit factor for the user.

Not to be neglected is also the noise-reducing effect, which can demonstrably amount to up to half the perceived noise level. Operators of plant components in the vicinity of such stressed employees or those of opencast mines and quarries in the vicinity of residential areas are likely to be familiar with this problem.


  • Mosaic mats
  • low impact energy
  • flat impact angle
  • wear resistant against abrasion
  • adaptable to convex and concave shapes
  • thin wall thicknesses
  • easy to cut to size
  • glueable
  • noise reducing


  • Rectangles
  • moderate impact energy
  • flat impact angle
  • excellent wear resistance against abrasion
  • mechanical or magnetic fastening
  • noise reducing


  • Squares
  • very high impact energy
  • steep impact angle
  • very wear resistant against abrasion
  • mechanical or magnetic fastening
  • noise reducing


  • Plates
  • low impact energy
  • flat impact angle
  • very wear resistant against abrasion
  • mechanical or magnetic fastening
  • noise reducing


  • Plates
  • very high impact energy
  • flat and steep impact angle
  • wear-resistant against abrasion
  • mechanical fastening
  • noise reducing

Delivery forms and installation:

The rubber bond with KALOCER is laid in KALFIX laying compounds. In the additional bond with a carrier sheet, mechanical bolts are easily and securely fastened to the substrate. Depending on the version, KALIMPACT can also be fastened with magnets.

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