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Scraper systems

Keep your plants running

Various scraper systems are available just-in-time from our extensive warehouse. Product quality and service play the most important role for us. Our service team will also be happy to assist you with the installation of the systems.

We offer a wide range of scrapers for your system:

  • Drum scrapers

  • Pre-scrapers

  • Bottom belt scraper

  • Plough scrapers

All scraper systems are characterised by the possibility of precise adjustment, simple installation and convincing cleaning results.

Our service team will be happy to install the systems on your plant and check the perfect setting using a thermal imaging camera.

manuflex SFR1
Main scraper - standard

The affordable alternative for conveyor systems up to 2,000 mm belt width.

Manuflex S 1
Main scraper - Premium

For superior and long-lasting results.

V PUR 800 01
Drum scraper - standard

For thorough and continuous cleaning.

PT 800 02
Drum scraper - Premium

For use under harsh operating conditions.

P 1 mit Hebel.142
Scraper holder - foldable

For simplified handling.

Pflug P2
Scraper for inner belts

For the right angle.

PU brush 1
Brush cleaning for steep conveyor belts

For the necessary inclination.